Tourstripe Online (OPC) Private Limited is your one-stop destination to get the best quoting of prices from several travel agents and get the best packages for your travel to various destinations. We started this initiative to save the time of the travelers and provide them with a hassle-free booking experience. We are located in Noida and established in the year 2021. We aim to make your travel free from any tensions and make your trip luxurious in its true sense. With a dedicated team, we help you discover the best destinations for travel and that too within your budget range. At Tourstripe, the loyalty of our customers holds the utmost importance in our working system. We work to win the loyalty of our customers by giving them quality work and value for their time. Our core values are 5 E’s: Efficiency, Excellence, Effortless, Ethical & Economical.

Security of our customer’s money is ensured as Tourstripe only provides quotations from trusted agents and companies around the world. We provide our clients with a range of services like a quotation of prices from several agents and companies, reservations for adventurous and other activities like hot air balloons, water sports, etc. Customers can put an enquiry and we have dedicated members of a team who provide the best tour packages and comparison between several packages as well. Tourstripe also deals in the customization of holidays and provides our customers with reviews of the agents so you could make an informed decision. We at Tourstripe understand the value of your time, so all the efforts are done with a motive to save your time.

Our team of employees works continuously to provide you with the best range of offers, tours, deal with your queries, keep you updated about various schemes running. Their sole commitment is to satisfy the desires of our clients and their dedication never fails to achieve their goals. We aim to fulfill our client’s demands no matter what the date or time is.

Our mission statement

At Tourstripe, we are devoted to achieving standards of professionalism to provide the finest services to our valuable clients. We hold a progressive approach to make a difference in the tourism industry. We aim to build an amicable relationship with our clients by arranging for them vacations of their dreams. Everyone seeks perfection and so do we in everything we do. Tour stripe is a unique and independent organization working to make a difference. We pleasure our clients by providing them deals they could never expect. Whether it is a foreign tour or a local tour, Tour stripe is always willing to work for its customers. We aim at providing our customers with moments for a lifetime. Thus, the gratification and contentment of our customers is our mission.

Why Tourstripe?

A question arises in everyone’s mind that why should we choose Tourstripe? What makes us unique from every other travel website present on the internet? What are the facilities that we offer?
So, the answer to all these questions is summarised below:
Guidance of knowledgable travel experts throughout your whole journey 
At tour stripe, we provide you with the same expert from the beginning of your connection with us till the date you return to avoid any confusion and to make the process less irritating and simplified. The presence of many persons in the reservation may leave behind some aspects of our client’s journey- which Tour stripe does not approve at any cost.
Flight Reservations

Flight reservation is generally not included in the travel packages. But due to our links and wide networks, we can provide our clients with the most competitive airfares where they are provided with numerous choices.
Personalized Services

Courtesy and friendliness are the key qualities of our knowledgeable staff. They ensure a hassle-free reservation process which is a personalized service for our clients from starting of the journey till the end.


Our whole staff is highly experienced, well knowledgeable about various aspects of traveling and through their experience, they guide our customers the best deals they can have.
Additional Service

Tour stripe also provides our clients with additional reservation services like adventurous sports, water sports, hot air balloons and that too at discounted prices which makes the traveling completely hassle-free.

Come, visit us now to avail exciting offers on your next trip!

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