Indian weddings take the “Hum Saath Saath Hai” concept too seriously. For us, weddings are the quintessential form of get-together of the whole clan that happens once in many years. And for this big fat Indian wedding to happen, preparations and rituals are always on point. But isn't that what India is all about? Caring for your dear ones more than oneself! The meticulous planning, fast-forward attire change, the beautifully captured rituals and finally, the mesmerizingly executed wedding, leaves not just the newly-weds, but the whole family exhausted. So, it’s pretty obvious that the couple will want a honeymoon after the 4-day ordeal, in which they get to know each other, relax and have the time of their lives, all this, away from the hustle and bustle of an after-wedding house.
Majority of the couples may not want to book a flight and travel internationally in these testing times; instead, they may have decided to spend this time in their own country. But let me tell you; you are not settling for anything less, because we are going to present you with this dynamic list of beautiful and romantic destinations that will have you smiling, whenever someone will ask you about your honeymoon stories.



The beach capital of India can rightly be said as a brand when it comes to honeymoon destinations. The romantic sunsets, the hand-held beach walks and just keeping your head on your partner's shoulder while watching the beautiful waves; who wouldn’t want such a honeymoon? North Goa is known for jaw-dropping beaches, exotic nightlife, splendidly carved churches and forts and markets where practically every article can be found. But there is much more to this magnet for honeymooners than just beaches and nightlife. South Goa is the perfect place to enjoy your partner’s company and dwell in the calming silence. Goa season starts from November until March. Delicious is an understatement for Goan cuisine. With beaches like Vagator(North Goa), Colva (South Goa); islands like Chorao and Diver; markets like Anjuna and Mapuna; restaurants like Upper House, sports like scuba diving; Oh, the list goes endless. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now!


If you are thinking that you will not visit the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, just because it has become too populated, STOP! Because we will tell you all the secrets to a calm, quiet yet romantic honeymoon in the beauty that is Andaman. This archipelagic nation is adorned with lazily swaying palm trees, pristine blue waters, quaintly set up beaches, and tanned bodies. Visit the Havelock beach for a laid-back day or for enjoying thrilling water sports. Enjoy casual and breezy evening strolls with your partner in the Little Andaman Island and end the day with a romantic candle-light dinner in the Neil Island. The Cellular Jail tour and its following light and sound show is a must-watch for everyone, in general. Live in the beach resorts as they give the best views and ravish the exotic seafood cuisine. The breath-taking two-colored seas, cozy and comfortable beach shacks, white stretches of sand and watching unnaturally glowing sunsets, hand in hand with your partner, makes Andaman the best destination to spend a memorable honeymoon and that too, sitting in Nature’s lap.



This little sleepy and dormant village on Vembanad lake in Kottayam is the epitome of incredible scenic views. Set in the backdrop of beautiful waters, paddy fields and gorgeous houseboats, this island village serves as a crown over the God’s own country: Kerala. Famous for its wildlife and flora and fauna, there is much more to Kumarakom. Try to visit in the winter season that is October and January. The weather is amazing and the views will give you awesome pictures. The Arivukkuzhi waterfall is a wonderful place to enjoy the rich natural landscape and relish your partner’s company at the same time. Enjoy the tranquil ambience and thrilling water sports in Kumarakom beach. The longest lake in India, the Punnamada lake will give you a nice sunny picnic experience, with fishing and sightseeing. Also, the rejuvenating islands, quaint museums cute shops and, vast sanctuaries make the experience all the more unforgettable. But the icing on the cake is the moving houseboats in the backwaters, weaving its way through vast stretches of trees and shrubs lining the horizon of Vembanad lake. What better way to commence your life as a married couple?



How does it feel to be in a city full of havelis and palaces without even being a royalty? Amazing, isn’t it? Well, that is exactly what Udaipur is. From peaceful lakes to mind-boggling architecture, from cobblestone pathways to marble monuments, Udaipur is a charm that will grow on you even after you leave the city. And its even better for the love birds. Whether it be gazing at the glittering night sky or touching the water gently, sitting on a boat, Udaipur is a dream come true for newlyweds. The palaces like City Palace, Monsoon Palace gives you the royal feeling I was talking about. From boating in the Fateh Sagar lake to just relishing nature’s beauty in the well-manicured gardens, Udaipur is the perfect location when it comes to romance. Have an unforgettable shikara lunch, while watching the Sun go down the horizon and notch it all up with the loveliest dinner at the Ambrai Ghat. Take your partner on a shopping spree, for all kinds of traditional Rajasthani items. And make sure you experience the cozy ropeway ride with your spouse and watch the incredible beauty of Udaipur from high above.


If you are looking for a tranquil and relaxing honeymoon and want to nestle in nature with your partner, then Wayanad is the place for you. In this magical city, you get to witness greenery at its best. It is considered as Kerala’s one of the main tourist destinations for a reason.  The level of freshness and calm it brings with it, is incomparable. The Pookot lake in the midst of lush green forests, the mesmerizing Sentinel Rock falls, the romantic Sunrise Valley – all these are nothing but testimony to the fact that you can never go wrong when you are enjoying a Wayanad honeymoon. For couples who love adventure, treks with amazing scenery are there to help. Hills like Banasura Hill and Brahama Giri Hill will make you fall in love with Wayanad even more. Because this kind of serene and pristine view is exactly what you were looking for, And the food is sure to break all the stereotypical conventions you had about South Indian food?

We hope, we could clear your doubts through this list and you have got a fair idea about what your honeymoon destination will be. Choose the destination that seems the most appealing to you. Visit the best places, have the most amazing food, live the best experiences and just absorb as much love and warmth as possible, from your partner, before you go back to the relentless cycle that is life. Because trust me, when it comes to these amazing destinations, you don’t just visit them, you cherish them.

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