Before reading this, close your eyes and imagine travelling through calming backwaters, vast emerald green tea plantations, soul-awakening temples, plummeting waterfalls and attractive beaches. If you are already thrilled, open your eyes and know where exactly and what exactly you have to do to witness the above.

South India is indeed a treasure in every sense. It has few of the world's most majestic hill stations, most beautiful scenic backdrops for sunset and not to forget, once-in-a-lifetime experience of the wonderful house boats weaving its way through the backwaters. Every year, it gets flooded by tourists from all over the world. Anyone who has been to South India, even for once, has returned with a truck load of memories and a bunch of stories to pass on to others. Where states are synonym-ed as God's own country, Scotland of India, Valley of Tranquillity, Sacred bliss, one really wouldn’t mind reminiscing. We, at aspire to make the planning and the tiring trip worthwhile.
So, let’s quickly enlist the experiences you’ll get to live in South India.


 Hill stations (The prime attraction)

Hills south india

Mesmerizing would be an understatement for the beautiful hills that South India provides you with. In fact, any adjective will fall short of conveying the beauty, the tranquillity and the serenity that the hill stations in South India possesses. The mystical hilly regions and alluring green mountainous terrain proves to be the major attraction of South India. The fresh air, the street chirping of the birds, the sound of the wind gushing and the calming ambience makes you forget the hustle and bustle of an otherwise hectic life. Be it soul-searching or adventure-trekking, the Hills provide you with everything you desire. Munnar is the most loved of all the hill stations there are in South India.   Vast tea plantations, nice weather all year round, cascading waterfalls and that serene breeze makes it indeed blissful. Ooty, Coorg, Araku Valley, Yercaud and Kodaikanal are some of the other hill stations that accounts for South India being chosen as the ideal and most romantic destination for all.

     Untouched beauties (For those who like solace)

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It's no secret that India's population is rising day by day and with this population comes the growing need for industrialization. While the tall skyscrapers and the daily run of life is important but some time alone with nature or with your loved ones is equally necessary. And if you are the one who likes to spend their time in offbeat places, not adulterated by the world of artificial intelligence, South India is your rescue. Though the coastal weather serves to be a bonus, but the unmatched beauty of the Ghats is really something you should look forward to. From blue waters to green hills, sacred and astonishingly artistic temples to exotic Wildlife sanctuaries, there is a lot to experience and you just can’t afford to miss them. The City of Seven Hills - Thalassery for example, is the epitome of picture-perfect scenic views. Historic beauties like Tharangambadi and Badami are also treat to your eyes and your nostalgic brains. The Grand Canyon of India Gandikota, exciting Belum Caves, exquisite beaches like Maravanthe Beach and Devbagh beach - it is for beauties like these that I selfishly wish that the elongating hand of commercialization does not reach them.


Blue Waters (For the calm ones)

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Ask anyone about their South Indian beaches experience and they won't stop talking. Whether it be the pure colour of the sea, whether it be the beauty of the Western and Eastern Ghats or simply the cool sea breeze which not just touches the body, but soul as well. Beaches, waterfalls and islands make South India it is – an iconic beauty. Bounded by the seas on all three sides, South India doesn't really have an option other than being effortlessly beautiful. The islands of Andaman and Nicobar Island, and Lakshadweep seem to be made by God’s own hands. The enchanting backwaters seems as if they have done a spell on you where you can't blink your eyes. After all, how would you? You are seeing God's most beautiful creation-nature, that too sitting on a moving houseboat! States like Goa are practically made up of beaches. Beaches like Kovalan, Rishikonda, Marina, Pondicherry Beach make even the sternest of men smile, laugh and have the time of their lives.
There's a lot more to South India than just magical Hills, blue lagoons and scenic beauties. There is scintillating waterfalls, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, thrilling water sports. For history and art lovers, there is majestically cut out temples, painstakingly created structures and one of the most fascinating cultures of India. Overall, South India is the perfect vacation destination for you whatever your plans, whatever your dreams and whatever your expectations are. It is a place where captivating nature, loveliest locals, tongue-licking food and introspecting structures blend together. I could indeed go on about the endless things you can do or see, but why read it, when you can live it?


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