Due to the presence of a variety of adventuresome activities, Andaman Islands have gained the attention of a whole lot of tourists keen to experience their trojan feelings. It is not only known for its adventurous activities; it has also gained its reputation as one of the top honeymoon destinations in the country. Be it an exciting sea diving trip for the couple, a trekking tour in the Long Island forests, a hand-held walk by the sea or a candle-light dinner on a cruise, Andaman provides the newlyweds an ample of opportunities to connect their souls. It has the powers to revitalise romance owing to its surreal beauty, lushy green forests, beautiful beaches and blue green waters. Honeymoons could be hassle free for the couples as a number of hotels provide alluring packages.

Tourism in Andaman has a wide ambit as a large variety of travel packages are presented before the travellers like 3 nights 4 days; 6 nights 7 days and various honeymoon packages as well. A visit to Andaman islands leave an imprint in hearts of the travellers for their whole lives. Andaman is a go to place for adventure lovers. Andaman Islands is a major hub for all kinds of adventure sports like water sports, trekking, camping etc. Along-with adventure lovers, those who are fond of history can also visit the place. It has many places which holds historical significance like museums, central jail etc.
It is a place for those people who want to seek peace from their hectic lives and attain contentment from the scenic beauty. Andaman Islands is called a paradise due to the beautiful sceneries which it offers to the travellers which makes everyone forget the hassles and worry of their lives. Some of the major tourist attractions of the place are: Swaraj Dweep, Gandhi marine park, Havelock island beaches, elephant beaches, viper island and cellular jail etc.. Shell shopping is a famous activity among the tourists- a wide range of shell items are available which are handcrafted like key chains, hangers etc. Various cuisines like South Indian cuisine and North Indian cuisine are served in Andaman.

You can reach Andaman island either through a direct or connecting flight or through sea routes. Direct flights are available from major airports in the country like Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru to the capital of the islands Port Blair. No international flights arrive directly at the islands. The tour to this paradise could either be a budget tour or a luxury tour depending on your requirements. While a budget tour start per person around Rs. 11,000, at the same time a luxury tour start per person around Rs. 30,000. While a luxury tours could offer you premium services like staying at renowned resorts, visits to islands, tickets to sound show, ferry etc. a budget tour package only offers you basic services. Thus, huge sum of money is not required to enjoy the exquisite beauty of the place

Why To Visit Andaman

An important question which comes in the minds of all the travellers, is that why to visit this place? So, the question which arises is that WHY ANDAMAN? The answer is the journey Andaman will offer you by taking you away from a tech world full of phones, hustle and bustle where mental peace does not exists, to a place where nature shower its bounty to the fullest. It is a place which will allow the couples to feel their love without any distractions and at the same time a family to leave their phones away to be with each other.It is a destination for adventure lovers as well as nature lovers. Thus, it is a perfect destination that does not require you to empty your pockets to enjoy a vacation.
Pack your bags and stop next at your favourite destination- Andaman Islands

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