What would be a better destination to get out of your homes after so long than the city of gold- Dubai? Dubai is a perfect destination for those who want to truly experience the luxury lifestyle away from their banausic routine. Dubai is a paradise for those who want to experience a metropolitan lifestyle along with an Arabian flair. It provides its travellers with fascinating nightlife, luxurious shopping, architecture marvels, and so much more.

You need not worry about your safety while you are visiting Dubai because Dubai is the seventh safest city in the world. Dubai is a city that provides you with world-class tourism and will fulfil your every fantasy. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the dream destinations for every person.

Even though there are infinite activities one can do in Dubai, a few activities which are must experience in Dubai are:
1.      A visit to architectural wonders

If you are visiting Dubai, then Burj Khalifa is the most iconic place you can visit in Dubai with amazing architecture. Burj Khalifa is a perfect prototype of engineering one could see in the whole world. Burj Khalifa holds the feat of being the tallest building in the world. It is known as the beauty of Dubai for a well-justified reason. You can even stay at a luxurious hotel- Burj al Arab which is an engineering wonder in its own. It is 321-metre-long structure build on a separate island that gives the hotel its uniqueness.
2.      Serve your adrenaline

Dubai is a must-visit destination for those who love a little thrill in their lives. You can take a huge dosage of adrenaline rush in Dubai by going on skydiving at Palm-Jumeirah, enjoying a day at Ferrari World or wild wadi water-park, hot air ballooning in Dubai’s desert and infinitely more. What would be a better way to challenge yourself than jumping from a plane and diving your way through the sky? Dubai allows you to serve your fantasy. If you want a calm and peaceful way to tour around the city Dubai presents you with a hot air balloon ride as well. Several amusement parks in Dubai offers high adrenaline rides to enjoy your day in an adventurous way.

3.      Dance your soul with dancing fountain

Dubai fountains give you an amazing view which you will cherish forever for your life. A choreographed fountain and that too world’s largest is a site which you want to experience at least once in life. It can be seen at least 30 km away from their actual place due to 7000 lights used in it and its swaying jets which throws at least 22000 gallons of water at a height of 150 metres.

4.      Experience desert life like never before

If you are visiting Dubai, Desert Safari has to be one of the most exclusive activities which everyone must try on their trip. It is an adventure which you cannot afford to miss. It takes you on a journey to desert inclusive of activities like camel rides, dune drives, sandboarding, and much more. It takes you to a campsite which will give you the experience to have an exquisite dinner along with exotic belly dance.

5.      Relish underwater life

You can have a good time visiting the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo and see awe-inspiring views of aquatic creatures. These places not only provide you with mere views of this place but you can have closeup views and see their feeding activities and other kinds of stuff. You can enjoy spectacular performances by dolphins and seals in Dubai Dolphinarium. Underwater adventure does not end here, you can even enjoy scuba diving by Deep Blue sea diving.
6.      Discover your love for Bollywood

You are an Indian cinema lover? Visit Bollywood Theme Park in Dubai where you can witness the true magic of Indian cinema through fun-filled activities related to Bollywood. From hunting games, musical performances to 4D theatre this theme park provides you with everything you need to witness. You can even experience the authentic Indian food and Indian village setting as well to get a more memorable experience for your visit to Dubai.

7.      Enchant your soul in the miracle

What could be a miracle more than an experience to visit a flower-based garden with 150 million different species of flowers installed in a way that will enchant your mind forever? You can enjoy a stroll in the miracle garden in Dubai which boasts floral wonders like heart-shaped passages, a floral mickey mouse, Airbus 380 composed of 5 Lakh flowers and so much more. This park also offers several activities to kids like a trampoline park, events, mapping activities and much more.

8.      Ski your heart out at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai holds the accomplishment of being the first ski resort in the Middle East and that too indoor. It gives you a unique experience of skiing in Dubai. It is a mountain themed park with great rides, snow at any given point of the year, penguins, themed restaurants making it truly a delight.

9.      A sightseeing tour

Specialised activities seem less? How about a fascinating tour to admire the greatest architecture and engineering marvels around the world? You can never get enough of this city of wonders. A merry tour around the city will make you familiar with skyscrapers around the city, Jumeirah mosque, Palm island, AL Fahidi fort and many more landscapes making it an exotic experience.

10. The centre of now
You can enjoy a shopping spree in the world’s largest mall -The Dubai Mall also known as the centre of now. There are several other shopping centres in Dubai as well. The fashion precinct, the souk precinct, entertainment precinct of the Dubai Mall is known around the world. It also contains an indoor theme park, cinema megaplex, ice rink and much more. You surely want to take a lot of gifts for your loved ones once you return. Dubai is the place!

Dubai truly is the most exquisite place one can travel to in all senses. Visiting Dubai would be a truly cherishable memory you can engrave in your hearts forever!

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