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In the past year and half, the world has been preyed to an unexpected death warrant. Any adjective would fall short of truly describing the times that we have confronted and withstood. A deadly virus spreading like Wildfire, mass pay cuts shocking job sacking, unbelievable amount of loss of lives – we could all agree that the ‘fun’ thing has totally been wiped out of our lives. Now, the considerable reduction of casualties and introduction of vaccines by the government has given a ray of hope to the whole world.
And to relish this hope that we have been blessed with, and also to feel normal again, we suggest you to do the most enjoyable thing in this world, that is – travel; to travel to a beautiful destination and to forget the unyielding cycle of life, just like before, but with all the required protection. Now the question is which is the destination which will fully serve the purpose? We think that after withstanding all the storms and the gloomy times, an Andaman trip is what your heart is longing for.
 The Andaman and Nicobar Islands, being a tropical nation, occupy a very special position in Indian tourism. It is widely accepted as one of the best honeymoon destinations of Asia. An archipelago consisting of more than 300 Islands, it’s an all-time favourite of travel-lovers. And if you're wondering why, just a step on this paradise will give you an answer. Clear skies meeting the never-ending blue waters at the horizon, swaying palm trees cradling small beach shacks beneath them and the amazing contradiction of happening streets and tranquil beaches, all this and much more can only be found in heaven on earth and that is exactly what Andaman and Nicobar Island is. The islands definitely make it to the list of offbeat yet splendid places in Asia. Untouched by civilization, its beauty remains incomparable till date.
Capital: Port Blair
Language: Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telegu and the native Nicobarese
Mode of Transport: By water and air
Airports: Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair
Currency: Indian Rupees


Andaman Islands has supposedly been inhabited for several thousand years. Some sources even suggest that its history dates back to approximately 800 BC. Today, six indigenous tribes reside in the Islands - the Jarawas, The Onges, The Great Andamanese, The Shompens, The Sentinelese and The Nicobarese. The islands are witness to quite a few great wars including the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857 and also the Japanese invasion during the Second World War. In the year 1947, on the eve of India's Independence, it joined hands with the lands of the Indian subcontinent. Popularly known as the Kala Paani from time immemorial, the nation used to be sort of a Prison used by the Britons to exile the prisoners away from their home. That very prison is the Cellular jail, one of the main reasons why we go to the islands.


The islands have Tropical climate year-round. They experience both the monsoons, South-west in the end of May and the North-east monsoon in November. The state does not face the scorching heat of Summer like other coastal lands, nor does it face skin-cutting winters like other beach cities. There is not really any peak season because it stays equally mesmerizing throughout the year. But it’s no stranger to the cycle of seasons. The month of May/June/July and December/January witness majority of North Indians trying to find some relief from the boiling summers and the numbing winters respectively.



Andaman and Nicobar Islands have a splendid weather all year. Mostly within the range of 23-32 degree Celsius, its temperature is apt for a travel destination. Andaman sightseeing is perfect from May to December, when picturesque forests and alluring waterfalls await you. Andaman is famous for its captivating flora and fauna and also for thrilling water sports. For both of them, winter months are the prime time. A trip to Andaman is comparatively difficult in the monsoon. The tide becomes high, strong winds blow, water transport becomes inaccessible and the weather becomes really harsh. You may also want to include the annual tourism festival of Andaman in your itinerary, usually held in January, which portrays the rich culture of the island territory along with showcasing the talents of its local artists and performers. It is usually called festive extravaganza by the tourists.


Islands: Being an island nation, it’s needless to say that the Andaman and Nicobar trip will be full of serene Islands and beaches where white sands and sea-green waters will bewitch you. The Havelock Island has Radha Nagar Beach, Elephant beach, Kalapathar beach and Vijaynagar beach. The island is famous for its picture-perfect sunsets and calming vibes. Neil Island hosts Laxmanpur beach, Sitapur beach and Bharatpur beach. A true replica of the beautiful Maldives, this island is a testimony to the fact that India is no less than any other country in any aspect. Bartang island has enchanting caves, aqua-blue waters and marshy mangroves. Little Andaman Island is an amazing blend of vast palm plantations and jaw-dropping waterfalls.
Heritage: Isolated from the Indian mainstream by more than a 1000 kilometres, Andaman and Nicobar Islands is still a popular heritage site and a must-visit for history lovers. During British reign, the Britons had established a naval base on the Chatham Island in great Andaman. This Chatham Island is today known as Port Blair. Andaman travel is incomplete without visiting the cellular jail – a UNESCO World Heritage and the tourism mascot of the state. The walls of the jail have seen the faces of great freedom fighters including the Savarkar brothers, and has been ears to revolutionary ideas, debates and discussions. No wonder, it’s treated as a sacred place rather than a tourist attraction. It also hosts a light and sound show in which you are sure to have a wonderful time. The islands also have other heritage sites like Balidan Vedi, Viper Island, Param Vir Chakra Memorial and Aberdeen Heritage Walk. So, if you do plan to visit them, be sure to have a nostalgic experience.
Fun activities: There are a few places in India that caters to the needs of every tourist. And this tropical island union territory is definitely one of them. It’s true that Andaman is the conventional destination for couples in love or newly married but it has a lot in store for the adventure-lovers too. Snorkelling in Havelock Island, scuba diving in the Barren Island, trekking in Neil Island, bird-watching in Bartang Island and exciting boat safaris are what attracts adrenaline-junkies like a magnet towards the place.


In order to have a nice time, you should choose a proper Andaman package that covers all the must-visits and leave you with no regrets. From holiday packages to adventure ones, here is the list of the best Andaman tour packages. A perfect Andaman and Nicobar trip package should be of 5-6 days. Anything less than that, and you’ll not be utilizing your Andaman Nicobar trip.
     Andaman Nicobar package     
The magical Islands
(Chennai To Andaman)

Luxury at its best
(Kolkata to Andaman)

Blissful Andaman
(Delhi to Andaman)

Thrilling Kaala Pani
(Kolkata to Andaman)
Understanding the difficulty of the prevalent times, we have tried to keep all the Andaman tour package costs reasonable. And also, our travel agents in Andaman will help you and always be available for any problem or query throughout your trip. The above Andaman Nicobar tour packages are specially curated keeping in mind our tourists’ needs and wants.
Why Andaman?
Amidst all the loss and threats of Covid-19, I am sure a trip to this mystical beauty will rejuvenate your love for life.



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