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For every newly married couple, honeymoon is probably the best time of their life. Even before marriage, people are found finalizing their dream destination, cute beach outfits and even planning activities. The few days are used by the couple to prepare themselves for lifelong commitment to that one person and a roller coaster ride called marriage. And if done in a beautiful backdrop of our Mother Nature, honeymoon can be cherished and relived for your entire life and if you are party person what batter then goa music and your partner give you perfact romantic vibes tourstrip help you to start your hassel free journey we fullfill your all dream with ower perfaction with sincerity .
Especially in India, honeymoon is more of a ritual. Great thought is given to the destination, chalking out an itinerary and enlisting all the fun things to do and places to visit, all this so that the couple has a wonderful time and needless to say, after all the exhaustion and stress of a big fat Indian wedding, the couple really does look forward to their wonderful honeymoon.
If you too are a newly-married couple looking for a perfect honeymoon destination in india, to commence this new journey in life with a loving life partner, then this article is for you, because we are  here to tell you why the beach capital Goa should be your choice.
India has a lot to offer to all the lovebirds, but Goa has always been a favourite of all honeymooners. After all, it's the best placed state of India, claimed by the government itself. It is also rated as having the best quality of life in India. Having such an incredible geography, it is probably the only state in which people are outnumbered by beaches, and not just any beach - glowing sands and palm trees dancing in the wind surround the azure blue waters. Portuguese-style style houses and age-old churches adorn the beautiful city. The culture is one of the best in India, the state throbs with splendour and excitement in the night and the food only gets better with each passing day.
Capital: Panaji
Currency: Indian Rupees
Mode of transport: By road, air or sea
Airport: Dabolim International Airport
Language: Konkani and Marathi
Though the statehood of Goa came into existence in the year 1987 but there are evidences that dates back to Paleolithic age. Goa was ruled by many powerful Empires like Maurya Empire, Vijayanagar Empire, Bahmani Sultanate and finally, the Bijapur Sultanate who were defeated when the Portuguese invaded Goa in 1510. Portuguese-style architecture and the colonial influences and culture are all thanks to the 450 years of Portuguese rule. Today, Goa is considered as one of the richest states in India and has made quite a name for itself internationally.
Being so close to the Arabian Sea, Goa undergoes tropical monsoon climate for most of the year. Having high humidity along with daytime temperatures of over 40 degree Celsius, the month of May is the hardest to bear. Unlike popular norms,  the state has only three seasons - Southwest monsoon period (June to September), post-monsoon period (October to January) and pre-monsoon period (February to May).
November to February is the peak season of Goa. The state becomes flooded with tourists from all over the world. Prices do become a tad expensive but the waves are really nice for all kinds of water sports and the landscape is at its best. But if you are not a fan of  crowded Goa and are more of a solace person, then summer and monsoon seasons are perfect for you. Prices are really reasonable and the beaches are also quite vacant. But, afternoons in summer can cause heat stroke or sunburn and monsoons may result in dangerous and freezing waters. Barring these, the experience can be electrifying.
With every 2-minute walk, you are blessed with the sight of a beach in Goa. Goa's beaches offer romantic sunsets, mesmerizing waters, exotic nightlife, delicious food and much more.
North Goa: North Goa beaches are glamorous to be honest. Comparatively more famous, they are filled with party vibes, shimmering lights and hippie markets. Beaches like Vagator, Calangute, Anjuna, Candolim are loved by party lovers and shopaholics, while undisturbed beaches like Dona Paula, and Mandrem are ideal for honeymooners who like to lay their heads on their partners' shoulders and simply witness the majestic waves.
South Goa: South Goa beaches are famous for their tranquillity and romantic settings. Night strolls are highly suggested in these stunning beaches. Candle-lit dinners in Colva, hand-held walks in Palolem, dolphin-watching in Agonda goa india geographical fact it is public beach which is located in agonda village and it is one of the only four designated turtle  nesting sites under the coastal regulation zone   , boat-ride in Betul – what more could a couple want?
Trust me on this - For honeymoon beach, Goa is the answer.
Islands in Goa have always been underrated and overshadowed by the dazzling beaches, but an ideal Goa sightseeing tour should absolutely include this myriad of tranquil and pristine islands that Goa boasts of. Catering to the needs of both adrenaline-junkies and head-over-heels-in-love couples, you just can't afford to not have these islands in your Goa tour plan.
Thing to do in goa for honeymoon couple
1.       Ilha Island – Perfect for snorkelling and scuba diving.
2.       Sao Jacinto Island – Portuguese architecture and witness unbelievably beautiful scenic views.
3.       Butterfly Island – High rocks, calm atmosphere and glimmering sands.
4.       Cumbarjua Island – For solace-loving couples. An offbeat island, suitable for fishing.
5.       Chorao Island – Offers breath-taking sunsets and houses 500 species of birds in its sanctuary. The seafood cuisine shouldn’t be missed.
Many people believe that Goa is all about beaches and picturesque locations, but nothing could be farther from the truth. This tiny state of India doesn't fall short in any aspect, whether it be caves, beaches, romantic settings, casinos, markets or restaurants. So, let’s quickly dive into them.
·         Water sports : As I said earlier, Goa attracts adventure-lovers like a magnet. Majority of the beaches provide water sports like Scuba Diving, snorkelling and diving. Even in Goa couple tour, water sports is always the icing on the cake.
 ·         Dudhsagar waterfalls: Almost every couple includes the Dudhsagar Falls in their south Goa tour. The sparkling waterfall, surrounded by the dense tropical rainforest, is a treat to the eyes and  definitely, a honeymoon paradise.
 ·         Sight seeing: When there are attractions like Fort Aguada, Se Cathedral, Anjuna market, Tito's Street, sightseeing becomes a must.
 The above Goa tour guide has been made, keeping in mind a newly-married couple’s needs. We offer you an array of Goa tour package for couples, from which you can choose yours. The packages have been made exquisitely for couples looking for a  sweet and memorable honeymoon that will stay in their hearts forever. All the tour packages for Goa with price have been mentioned in the website. You can be sure that you will get the best hotels in Goa for honeymoon to make it, quite a  mesmerizing affair.
Goa is a jewel set in the Indian subcontinent. It is responsible for a major part of Indian tourism. The captivating beaches, brilliant Portuguese architecture, age-old churches, throbbing nightlife, picture-perfect streets, soul-stirring tranquillity, amazing food and rich culture make this already perfect state an international beauty and of course, a source of Indian pride too. We can only hope that this Goa tour plan makes you desperate enough to pack your bags for an extraordinary honeymoon in the Pearl of Orient - Goa, RIGHT NOW!






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