Ladakh Tourism

 The unexplored paradise of the Himalayas – Ladakh is the land of adventure. The activities which Ladakh offers are ideal for those who possess indomitable love for adventure. It not only offers trekking, but also gives a choice to travellers for sports such as rafting, biking, safaris etc. The high snow-covered peaks and lush green grasslands makes Ladakh an alluring place. The colourful monasteries and the prevailing Buddhist culture balances Ladakh on the traditional aspect as well. The plethora of activities which Ladakh offers to its tourists makes Ladakh an ideal choice of vacation filled with adventures and memories.


Destination-img Honeymoon Ladakh

Leh Ladakh tour package



Price ₹24,000

7 Days
Destination-img Solo Ladakh

Breathtaking landscapes



Price ₹9,000

5 Days

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