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Tourstripe Online (OPC) Private Limited which is established under the Companies Act,2013. The vision of this company is solely to provide our clients with an experience to relish and provide you with a friendly, pleasant and homely atmosphere at your vacation. It is to inform all the users that we are neither the owners of any hotels mentioned on our website nor do we operate or control any airlines. Our most important concern is to provide you with the best options for your various activities during the course of your vacation including restaurants, hotels, vans boat houses, motels and places of stay for making your vacation what you desire.

Any sort of transaction happening through this website is subjected to the policies that are mentioned on the website. If the usage of the website is being continued by the user, it means an agreement to all the terms and conditions provided by tourstripe.com and could be changed at any given point of time without any prior notice by the website. The terms and conditions of the website which the users are subjected to are stated below:


Limitation of Liability

Tourstripe aspires to assure its user that all the information displayed on the website is factually correct. Although the information provided is correct Tourstripe neither guarantees nor represent anything in regards to the quality, completion of any sort of data, the accuracy of the data provided. Any type of warranty is neither expressed nor implied in regards to this website and its contents. All the warranties of fitness which is for a particular purpose and the warranties of merchantability per services have been disclaimed by tourstripe.com. It is inclusive of all the liabilities, responsibilities, claims in scenarios of any direct or consequential loss. It applies to any user of the website and other people which uses the information displayed on this website in any form.
Tourstripe merely plays the role of a booking agent. Therefore, it will not have any sort of liability in regards to the aspects of arrangements between the user and service providers per the standards of services which is provided by the service providers. Tourstripe is not liable in any sense for the services which are provided by the service providers under any circumstances.
Any sort of advertisers is not endorsed in any manner by Tourstripe. The verification of the accuracy and certainty of all the information on the website is the responsibility of the users. Users are advised to verify the details before undertaking confidence in the information.
Tourstripe offers services related to travel to particular destinations which is unwarranted by us as risk-free in any sense. Tourstripe shall not be liable in case of any damage and loss that may occur from travel to the mentioned destinations.
Tourstripe should not be considered as liable under any event for any sort of direct, indirect, special, consequential, punitive, incidental damages which is resulting from:
 a) Inability to use or ability to use the services provided b) Cost procured through substitute goods and other services which results from any kinds of goods, services purchased, information obtained, transactions which have entered through services, or messages received. C) Access that is unauthorised or the user’s data or transmissions which is altered. D) All the other matters related to the services in any manner; inclusive of Damages caused due to loss of use, Profits or data obtained through anyway in connection to the performance of the website.
Tourstripe is not at all responsible for any sort of inability or delay in the use of the website and the activities related to it, provision and failure to provide any services, any information concerning with the products, software, services and graphics related obtained from the medium of the website, or through the use of the website, which is based on any sort of tort, negligence, contract, strict liability or otherwise. Also, Tourstripe should not be considered liable for the non-availability of the website in the periods when maintenance operations are being held or access may be suspended to the website attributed to technical caused or cause beyond the control of Tourstripe.com. The user must understand that they hold the responsibility for any kind of damage or loss of data from their computers which may result from data downloaded or obtained through the website which is done by the users at their own risk and discretion.
All these limitations, exclusions, disclaimers are applied irrespective that the damage arises from: a) Contract violation b) Disregard of warranty c) Laxness d) All the  other cause. It applies to the extent to which all the limitations and exclusions aren’t barred under the applicable law.
Tourstripe holds the maximum liability under any circumstances in respect when any services displayed on the site, is limited to the compensation of a total amount which is received from the customer in case of any cancellation, refund and other charges whatsoever. In any circumstances, no damage or consequential loss or expense would be included whatsoever.


 Third-Party supplier

Travel agents take the utmost care in making the arrangements with third parties like airlines, cruises, accommodation providers, transfer operators, activity providers, local and tour guides, and other independent parties. They provide our clients with all or some components of their bookings. Travel agents are also engaged with sub-contractors and local operators. Even though care is taken by travel agents, they are not responsible in any form for acts and missions of Third-party suppliers and they are not accountable for the same.


To confirm the booking, some advance payment must be made to Tourstripe and the full payments in case of group bookings must be done 30 days before the travel date and in case of individual bookings 20 days prior to the travel date. Based on the nature of the services provided and time left for a particular activity, it is the sole right of Tourstripe to decide the amount of the advance payment. In certain exclusive cases, full payments may be required to CONFIRM your bookings inclusive of hotel bookings during festivals or peak seasons, train bookings but not limited to it.
 Mode of Payment

We accept bookings only by the means of a bank transfer made on the company bank account, either by credit or debit card only. Usage of the card may lead to the application of some gateway charge.

Cancellation policy

To cancel your booking in case of any foreseen or unforeseen circumstances, you must notify us in writing. Cancellation charges would be based on the dates left from the date of travel to the date you have sent the writing. Cancellation charges are as follows:
·         60 days before the travel date: 10% of the total cost
·         45 days before the travel date: 20% of the total cost
·         15 days before the travel date: 25% of the total cost
·         7 days before the travel date: 50% of the total cost
·         No show or less than 72 hours: No refund

Note: In scenarios of peak season, a separate policy of cancellation is applied which is advised when you require it.

HOTEL CANCELLATION: Hotel cancellation policy is applicable per the respective hotel.
TRAIN TICKET CANCELLATION: It will be in the accordance with the policies of railways.
FLIGHT TICKET CANCELLATION: It will be following the policies of respective airlines.

No refund of money or reduction of money would be done to a member on activities which are included in the tour package and the member has been unable to avail it irrespective of any personal reasons inclusive of sightseeing tours, transport, accommodation, meals but not limited to it.

 Privacy policy

Your privacy is respected by us, and we assure you that the highest standards of practices are insister with an aim to secure the safety of your transaction and privacy of your information. If you show your acceptance in these terms and conditions, you confirm that you have read, understood and accepted our Privacy policy.

 Acceptance of risk

By accepting these terms and conditions you have acknowledged all the potential risks to your safety and health. After this, you assume the responsibility of all the risks and you have released Tourstripe from any sort of claims and causes related to action from any losses, injuries, damages, deaths resulting from any risk in travel which includes foreign destinations, adventurous activities in the itineraries of the tour or other activities presented on our website.

 Customer’s responsibility

We appreciate your response towards us; however, you are responsible in all ways the content of your submissions, inclusive of reviews posted on the website, social media platform or any other platform of the same type but not limited to it. You are not permitted to publish or continue the transmission of any sort of threatening, libellous, unlawful, defamatory, pornographic, obscene, untrue or any other content of similar nature concerning Tourstripe that may hurt the reputation of Tourstripe or is untrue in any manner concerning Tourstripe.



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